I know things have been quiet for a while. I’ve been crazy busy with a lot of stuff like running the labels, doing the podcasts and a bunch of real life stuff (like getting married!). But now there’s something new!

Recently, I released a new track called ‘Beholder’. It’s a 6 minute ambient piece incorporating guitars, synths, orchestral and generative elements. It was premiered by the guys over at Magnetic Mag on Sept. 12th. Here’s a bit about what they had to say about it:


‘Beholder’, is a celestial piece of work that transports listeners to a vast and dream-like realm. As fall begins to show its face and colors, so do various elements of the track throughout its patient and relaxed demeanor.

— Kane Michael, Magnetic Mag


My friends over at Insight Music & The GΔmes We PlΔy also showed some love for the track, plus Chill Music, The Echo Room, The Alternative Nation and Reverbs all had some lovely words to say about the track.
You can pick up the Beholder single on my Bandcamp, or listen on your favourite streaming service.