Hello, my name is Jon Maynard, and I’m a musician and producer from Manchester, UK.

I started teaching myself to play guitar when I was around 13, downloading tabs of Deftones and Pantera tunes and trying to learn them on my (awful) Argos electric guitar. After a while I started to get okay at it, and then started to write songs. When i was around 14, I met my best friend, and joined his band. We weren’t very good, but it was a lot of fun. We went on to form a few more metal bands and played a few shows under different names.

When I was around 16, I started to get into music production. I started by messing around in Magix Music Maker trying (and failing) to make Drum and Bass, before I started to get more serious about it and getting a proper DAW. I spent ages reading, watching YouTube videos and eventually learning a bit more when I did some session work in a studio. I eventually settled on Ableton, and started to learn the ins and outs of the software.

In the summer of 2010, I made a dubstep remix of M83’s “We Own The Sky”. I thought it was pretty good (it wasn’t) but it was enough to spur me on in putting music out publicly. That’s when I chose the name Soular Order. I released some early dubstep material, but it was awful, and it just wasn’t the type of music I liked. I decided to spend more time trying to craft my sound. I was a huge Burial fan, and his music had a massive influence on me moving away from dubstep and into a more Ambient/Garage sound.

In 2012 I released my first proper EP titled “A World Apart”, and things just kept going from there. I did a few remixes and put out a few more EP’s before I founded City By Night Records as a home for my own music. City By Night Records has grown to represent an excellent roster of artists from around the world.

Since then, i’ve gone on to start (and now host) the Future Astronauts Podcast, and I more recently started a side project making lo-fi hiphop called Drohves.